Sometimes cats and dogs are like little people. Just like us, they love good food, dozing and being active. We both turn our noses up at stale food, boring days and cold beds. But cats and dogs like more things that we might at first expect. Did you know that dogs love to listen to music and that cats can enjoy watching YouTube for hours on end? In this blog, we tell you all about what your pet likes, from bird films to private dinners!

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What does my dog like?

There are lots of things your dog likes to do and they'll certainly let you know about it! Sharing an activity or lazing on the sofa: each dog has their own favourite pastime. But these five things are a good start for pleasing any dog!

1. Build a sleep nest. Do you ever wonder why your dog first turns in circles before they finally settle in their basket? This is one of the wolf traits they still have. Just like a wolf, a dog flattens the ground and spreads their scent over the 'nest' before they lie down. Not only does the sleeping place now smell like them, but all that turning has also created the ideal temperature and shape for their body.

2. Watching TV. Owners love to watch TV, especially after a long work day. But dogs enjoy watching with you too! It doesn't much matter what's on the TV, as they can't make out the image so well. But the light, sound and movement stimuli coming out of the tube are good mental stimulation for your dog. It could even work against temporary boredom. No substitute for the owner of course, but turn on the TV one time you go shopping and see how your dog reacts!

3. Listening to music. It's the sound stimuli that affects them, like watching TV does. Besides dogs being fascinated by the sound, it seems that music also influences their emotions. Dogs are calmed by classical music and made restless by heavy metal. Just like us. Dogs react best to music accompanying a voice. So try singing to your dog sometime: perhaps they'll really appreciate your singing qualities 😉.

4. A private dinner. Lots of people think that dogs like to eat with their owners, because that's what they would do in a wolf pack. Bu dogs actually prefer to be left in peace when they eat. It's a private moment for them, so best to leave them alone for their dinner for one.

5. Always being near you. Does your dog sometimes sit uncomfortably close to you, or even on your feet? Dogs always love to be with their favourite human, and certainly let you know it too! Sitting so close to you not only shows other dogs that they have already claimed this particular human, they also spread their scent over their owner. Your dog thus lays a double claim on you!

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What does my cat like?

Lots of people say that cats are fussy animals. Well, it's not so bad as it seems, for a cat likes the same things we do: good food, a nice place to sleep, playing a bit, lots of rest, a nail salon-quality scratching post, a personal resting place... Well OK, cats do have lots of preferences. So what are 5 things that will definitely make your cat a happy one?

1. Sleeping. You no doubt know already that cats love to sleep. Cats actually sleep 12 to 16 hours per day! And as they are nocturnal by nature, they sleep mostly during the day. In summer, cats will sometimes nap outdoors, but, now that it's cold outside, you'll find them napping indoors more often. And who can blame them!

2. Washing and being washed. And if your cat's not sleeping, they're bound to be busily washing themselves. Paws, back, bottom, and back to the paws: it can seem like a never-ending cycle. But washing is really important for a cat. This way they keep their coat clean and healthy. Washing spreads vital oils over the fur. And it also works as a massage, leaving your cat totally relaxed. Cats build a bond with other cats by washing each other, especially places where they can't reach themselves. You too can make good use of this during a cuddle session: you cat will love you scratching under their chin or on their head.

3. Sharpening claws. All than climbing and clambering eventually blunts a cat's claws. To get them back in perfect condition, your cat will love having a scratching post for sharpening their claws. Armed with sharp claws, your cat can again safely climb everywhere. Scratching is also a way to mark territory using the scent glands in cat paws. For many cats, a scratching session is also a real workout: they can have a good stretch on a tall scratching post!

4. Watching birds. Cats love to gaze out the window at all that exciting fluttering and chirping in the garden. Perhaps it's due to some surviving hunting instinct, or the local wild life is simply the ideal cat television. No jungle in your back garden? On YouTube, there are countless videos to be found featuring fluttering garden birds especially for cats. That'll keep them busy for hours 😊.

5. Observation posts. Did you know that your house tiger is descended from a genuine wild cat? The African wild cat, ancestor of the house cat, likes to lurk for prey in trees or other high places, or uses these lookouts to observe their territory. Your house tiger also loves to look down from a great height over their terrain. Tall scratching posts are ideal, but the top of the stairs or cupboards also make great lookouts for your cat!

But you are the best one!

So dogs and cats both have their favourite activities, but there is only one thing that every pet is truly mad about: you! All that TV viewing, scratching or washing is never as good as having their human close by. And the absolute best activity is naturally being with you. Playing together, cuddling or just relaxing on the sofa. So free up some time every day to spend with your pet! Pets prefer a fixed routine, so that they know when the food dish is refilled, or when it's time for a nice walk. Plan a 15-minute playtime or cuddle session too! Show your pet how much you love them and you will always be their favourite.