Anyone who shares their home with a dog or cat knows our beloved four-legged friends are more than just pets: they're part of the family! They are loyal and supportive, offer soothing comfort when we need them, and for the dog owners among us: our keep-fit companion too. Other family members celebrate their birthday every year with an all-out party, so why not our pets too? With tasty snacks, fun activities and that's not forgetting the guests; to turn it into an amazing party for your birthday pet!

Gifts for the birthday pet who already has everything

Besides having a great time, presents are vital of course! A birthday is the perfect opportunity to buy a beautiful scratch post or collar. Or, why not surprise your furry birthday pet with fun toys? Looking for other reasons to buy your pet toys, other than because you love them, of course? If so, check out this blog.

Choose a party theme

It goes without saying that your everyday birthday party can be great fun, but a themed party really steals the show! Is your dog full of beans, one that could happily run around a field all day long? Why not hold their party in the park? Does your cat love snuggling up with you? Then get the cushions out and enjoy a relaxed, lazy party.

Don't forget the decorations

Bunting and other decorations are party must-haves. Pin up some fun bunting with cat or dog prints, buy plates and napkins in the shape of, or printed with, furry pets and fill the party venue with funny photos of the birthday pet. This will make your guests feel like they are walking into a cat or dog paradise!

Snacks and cake for everyone

A scrummy cake is an absolute birthday party must-have, of course. Your cat or dog won't appreciate a human cake, but there are plenty of cake recipes to be found online, especially for cats and dogs. Some can even be eaten by humans and pets! Or otherwise, you could treat your cat to some scrumptious bonbons (our Delicups), or make a festive cake using a tub of wet food for your dog or cat.

Lavish invitations

The next step is to invite the guests. If you have a dog you could invite all their doggy friends to enjoy a romp about together. Cats are less inclined to enjoy the company of their fellow felines, but you could add a kitty twist to the party by including cat ears or cat face masks with the invitation. Then it will look like the living room is actually filled with cats! Perhaps your pet doesn't really like company? If so, keep things small-scale, or private even. Just hanging out together all evening on the sofa, eating snacks, is bliss for the more introverted pet.

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Party pics to cherish

What could be better than fantastic party pics to remember the special day? Create a small studio with fun props (and snacks to occupy our furry friends for a little while), to take wonderful party pics. These are also great for Instagram and Facebook, to make other cats and dogs truly envious😉. Read on to discover great tips on how to photograph your pet.

Pet-friendly games for everyone to enjoy

It goes without saying, your cat or dog won't sit still the whole afternoon to chat. Games are much more fun! Play hide-the-treat with your pet, or head out with the dog mob to play frisbee or retrieving games. So you'll be playing and training together, whilst having lots of fun. Win-win!

A good cause party

Does your pet have everything it needs already, or perhaps you don't want your house overflowing with toys? Instead of giving your dog or cat a present, you could ask your guests to make a donation on your pet's behalf to a local shelter, or other good cause. After all, every cat and dog deserves a party now and again!

A party bag for those staying put

Fancy pushing the boat out? Why not put together a party bag brimming with your pet's favourite treats, snacks and toys.... all party-themed, of course! This way the cats and dogs who weren't able to make the party will still be able to join in the fun.

Quality post-party time

And once everyone has gone, and you're back on your own again, it's time for some extra quality time together! Give your cat or dog their favourite meal, some tasty snacks or spend an hour or two larking about, playing or petting them. Go on a lovely long walk with your dog or let your cat go wild with some catnip. This way you can end your party day with (an animal-friendly) BANG!