Walks in the snow, snuggling in front of the fireplace and, of course, the cosy Christmas season: we love winter! And just like the season, many things change for your pet. Their fur grows thicker, they have to walk through the snow and even boredom can lurk in the long, dark days. That is why we have gathered some tips for a cosy winter with your pet this month!

Winter walks

Whether it's raining, freezing or snowing: your dog still needs to do his business every day. And that is not necessarily a problem, because even with all the cold, winter is a very beautiful season. Especially when there is fresh snow on the ground! There are, however, a few things you have to take into account when you go out with your dog. Firstly, winter has short and cold days. So make sure that you and your dog are always visible when you are out and about. Does your dog have a short coat? Then buy him a blanket to keep him warm on the cold days.

With ice and snow, roads and cycle paths are also gritted heavily. This salt prevents us from slipping, but it is not good for the soles of your dog or cat's feet. And when they wash themselves, they can ingest this salt again. If your pet walks in areas with a lot of salt, you can wash their paws with lukewarm water or a damp cloth when they come back inside.

Tips for a cosy winter with your pet

Boredom lurks around the corner

Hiking is fun, but on rainy or snowy days you'll probably end up spending a lot more time indoors. And what about all those days off around Christmas? Even with all the fun and games, you and your pet can quickly become bored. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do (with your pet) to combat boredom. Buy some new toys to play with together. Or make your pet work for his/her snacks or treats! You can play hide-and-seek with treats or buy special toys where you can hide the treats. This way, your pet will burn some extra calories and stay mentally fit as well!

Another great tip is to learn new commands. Winter time is ideal for teaching your dog or cat new tricks, and then you can steal the show at Christmas dinner! Even old dogs can be taught new tricks 😉, such as high-fiving or pawing. Even cats will learn this for a tasty Pets Unlimited snack!

Talking about Christmas dinner: plan a delicious meal for your dog or cat too. A starter with a Delicup, followed by a steamed meal and for dessert a Delistick? Or how about a salmon strips cocktail, followed by a tasty combination of a steamed salmon meal with some salmon chunks for the crunch, and a salmon fillet for dessert? Don't overfeed your pet, of course, but at Christmas s/he deserves a little something extra!

A healthy winter coat

Not only does the outside world undergo a transformation in autumn and winter, but your pet will look different too. He will change his thin summer coat for a thick winter coat. Just like people, pets shed hair all year round, but in spring and autumn there is a period of three to four weeks when your dog or cat changes his wardrobe for the new season. Your pet's coat consists of an undercoat and an outer coat, and both change in the autumn. The topcoat grows longer hairs while the undercoat becomes thicker and denser. Like a down coat!

All the old summer hairs quickly flutter around the house or get stuck in your pet's fur. You can give your pet a helping hand in shedding - and thus prevent a hairy house - by brushing your pet regularly. This way you brush out all the dead hairs and comb natural hair oils through the hair, making the coat shine! You can also help the skin, and therefore the coat, by feeding your dog or cat food or snacks that contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Our salmon snacks or salmon chunks for dogs and the Deli range for cats are packed with delicious salmon!

Tips for a cosy winter with your pet

A nice cosy place for your pet

We humans get all those lovely warm jumpers and blankets out again during the winter, so why not for your pet? Your dog or cat will also love crawling into a nice warm basket after a walk or a stroll. Does your pet go outside a lot? Don't put the basket too close to the heating. The constant heat can disrupt the moult, as the fur thinks it does not need to grow thicker. Then your pet will be shivering outside again! You should also avoid places that are exposed to draughts, as this can make them too cold. Choose a cooler, but well-insulated place to put the basket.

You will also notice that your cat goes outside a lot less. It remains a desert animal, of course. Poekie will want to walk around a bit now and then. Make sure the cat flap is always open, so she can go back inside quickly and doesn't have to sit in the cold for too long. During their outdoor trips, cats will sometimes look for warm places, like under a car. So always take a good look before you drive away.


Hopefully you and your pet will have a pleasant and warm winter with these great tips. Besides playing, cuddling and trudging through the snow, winter is also a great time to learn cat language, find out why your dog sometimes does funny things or how to take fun photos of your pet. Plenty to do this winter!