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Spring: the season of bothersome beasties

Your cat goes out to explore by themselves, and you take your dog out for a stroll. However, you aren’t the only ones enjoying the season, outside is also teeming with bugs such as ticks, oak processionary caterpillars and worms. Critters you don’t want to discover making themselves comfortable on your pet. So what are the most common spring bugs?

Outside 1

How to introduce your dog or cat to the great outdoors

With the improving spring weather, the moment will come for your cat to go outside for the first time, or for you to train your dog to walk off leash. How do you handle such a thing?


3 Tips for supporting your pet during winter

Winter is a wonderful season for exploring the great outdoors. Winter can be a splendid season for pets. First, you get to play in the snow; followed by cosy cuddles on the sofa with your pet parent. However, there are some things you need to be aware of when you take your pet outside. Read on for some tips for keeping your four-legged friends healthy during winter.

Swimming 1

Take a cooling swim with your dog!

The hot summer weather is the perfect excuse to take a nice dive. Just as people, dogs enjoy cooling off in water. As dogs don’t sweat, swimming is a good way to make sure your four legged friend stays at a good temperature. Before diving in, you should take a few things into account. But more importantly: where can you take your dog to enjoy some refreshing water.


Help your indoor tiger get through these tropical temperatures

Generally speaking, cats don’t have an issue with heat. Our headstrong roommates are decedents of desert cats and this is evident from their behaviour. Cats don’t drink much and only sweat through their paws, in order to retain as much precious fluids as possible. Cat’s do fine in temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius.


Get ready for spring!

A handy to-do list to prepare your pet for springtime!
Is your pet getting excited for outdoors fun? Once the sun starts shining and the birds start chirping, your cat or dog can probably already be found at the front door, itching to get outside and play. We’ve put together a guide of must-do tips to prep your four-legged friend for their first steps in the sun.

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