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Eco friendly pet ownership: this is how you do it!

The year is drawing to a close: a good time to consider your resolutions for next year! At this time of year when it’s bleak and cold outside, we think going green is a great idea! We all know about green energy and sustainable food & production cycles, but did you know pets impact the climate too? We have put together some great tips on how to enjoy eco friendly pet ownership!

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Which foods should my pet never eat?

Pet parents love to slip our beloved pets the occasional tasty human food treat. Now and again is not a problem, but not everything we humans eats is suitable for your cat or dog. In fact, there are some foods your pet should never ingest. We’ll list them for you here.

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How many times a day should I feed my pet?

A full bowl throughout the day, two meals a day, or several smaller portions spread throughout the day: Opinions are divided about how often you should feed your pet. Each pet is different, so there is no clear answer, but this month we’ll give you some clear pointers with easy feeding schedules for cats and dogs!

Train with treats

How do I train my dog with the help of treats?

In our previous blog, we explained how tempting it is to spoil your pets with treats and how easy it is to overfeed them. Especially when you are training them, the treats can add up quickly. Dogs will only do something if there is something in it for them, whether that is a tasty treat or playtime with their favourite human. Some dogs are happy with a pat on the head, but, maar all dogs will happily work for food. But how do you train your dog with treats, and not end up with a circular dog? Read on!

Sensible snacking

Sensible snacking: treating your pet responsibly

Us humans love to snack and like to seize every opportunity to nibble on something tasty, even though we know that it’s not always good for us. Your dog or cat loves treats just as much as you do and will be happy to join you! But just like with people, snacking is not always healthy for your pet and if you are not careful, he’ll quickly eat way too much! When does your pet deserve a tasty bite, and what should you pay attention to when it comes to treats? This blog will tell you everything you need to know about responsible snacking for pets!

Allergies in dogs

Could my dog be suffering from allergies?

Is itch driving your pup crazy, even though you have given him flea treatment? Does he have bald spots above his bitt, and you have no idea what has caused them? The problem could be an allergy, because, yes: dogs can suffer from those too! From food allergies to flea bites: there are lots of things your dog could be allergic to. That’s why we are taking a deep dive into dog allergies: which allergies are there and are they treatable?

Allergies in cats

Sneezing and scratching: everything you need to know about allergies in cats

Is your cat itchy or does she have irritated skin? Does she sneeze and cough often? This could indicate that your cat is allergic to something. You’ve probably heard of people who are allergic to pets. But your cat may also have an allergy… but luckily, not to humans! From food allergies to flea bites: We’ve listed all the cat allergies for you.

Cat poop

Stinky kitty litters: Everything you need to know about cat poop

Cat poop. Not something you see a lot if your cat is an outdoor tiger. And you’d probably rather flush your indoor kitty’s poo down the toilet the moment it appears, instead of examining it in detail! But just as with dogs and humans, poop can tell you a lot about the health and well-being of the creature that produced it. Is your feline healthy, or is she suffering from stress? All these elements can affect the functioning of a cat’s digestive system. That is why, in this blog, we will take a deep dive into the story of the cat turd!

Dog poo

Poop! Everything you need to know about your dog’s doodoo

Poop, turds and faeces. All these words point to one stinky thing: the result of all those tasty meals and treats your pet has devoured! Maybe you think this a distasteful subject to discuss, but did you know you can read your dog’s poo kind of like a diary? Turds can tell you lots about your pet’s health, whether she is feeling under the weather, and sometimes you’ll see exactly what she ate. That’s why this month, we’ll take a deep dive into the wonderful world of dog poo! (Not literally, though.)

Which foods does my pet need

Meat, rice and vegetables: which foods does my pet need?

In our last blog, we’ve told you all about how wild predators became our loveable furbabies. Even though our house wolves and tigers now feel perfectly at home in our human dwellings, they have both retained some wild characteristics. At times, they display some funny behaviours, but their diet and teeth also show remnants of a wild past. Dogs have adapted somewhat to our human diet, but cats have to eat in the same way as their wild ancestors. That’s what we will be exploring in this blog. Because what constitutes a balanced pet food, that satisfies the needs of our canine and feline friends? Why have we invented snacks for teeth, and why are some cats treats so incredibly crunchy?

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