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Dogs versus cats

Dogs versus cats: Which animal is right for me?

Let’s be real. There genuinely are only two kinds of people in this world: cat people and dog people. They often get along great, but if you ask them which animal is better, you better be prepared for fiery debate! Dogs versus cats: a dilemma that has been around since time immemorial. Why are cats better than dogs? Or why should I adopt a dog? Or a cat? And can’t we just have one (or several) of each?

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Indoor play with pets: healthy and fun!

Playing with your cat or dog isn’t just fun; it is also vital for them. The additional exercise and mental stimulation are healthy for every pet. Do you have an indoor tiger? Then going the extra mile for them is essential. By playing together, you are also building a solid bond of trust. But how can you play responsibly with your four-legged fuzzballs?

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Stares, funky smells and zoomies: why is my dog acting so weird?

Spring is knocking at our doors, which means Spring Fever is about to strike both human and animals alike! But to be fair, dogs act kind of crazy all year round. Because why do dogs love to roll around in dirty things, what is that odd look he gives you, and why does he randomly run around the house like he’s being chased by bees? We’ve investigated the answers for you!

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Help, my cat is crazy! Ten mysterious cat behaviours explained

Cats are mysterious creatures that have their own language and ways. Does your kitty ever exhibit whacky behaviour and you think yours is the only crazy cat in town? Have you ever wondered why your cat loves to present you with their butt, why they claw your legs when they are chilling on your lap of why they eat grass? Is something wrong, or are they trying to tell you something? Read on for all the answers!

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Pets Unlimited at Crufts 2020

Pets Unlimited is back at Crufts this year, the world’s greatest dog show! Just like last year, we’ll be at The NEC Birmingham from March 5 – 8 to answer all of your questions. Always wanted to know more about our snacks of just plain curious about the people behind Pets Unlimited? Come and have a chat, we’d love to meet you! You will find us in Hall 2, stand 18. And don’t forget to introduce us to your dogs!

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What is my cat or dog saying to me?

Do you ever talk to your pet? We usually speak human to our pets, and many times, they get us based on our tone of voice. But did you know that in their unique way, your dog or cat is also talking to you? Besides meowing, barking, growling and purring, pets have a whole host of other ways to communicate. Read on to discover how your four-legged friend is talking to you and what he is saying.


How do my pet’s senses work?

A nose, ears, eyes and a tongue: our four-legged friends have the same senses as we do. Yet dogs and cats experience the world differently. They see and feel differently, and have a much keener sense of smell, for example. Why is this? Time to explore the world of the senses.

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Seven ways having a pet helps you to relax and de-stress

At the beginning of each new year, lots of people resolve to reduce the stress levels in their lives. But in today’s busy world, that can be a bit of a challenge! Fortunately for us pet lovers, people with pets have a head start in this area. Several studies show that people with pets are generally calmer and healthier. But how exactly does a pet help you relax?

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How do I help my pet to lose weight?

Do you like to spoil your pet with little treats? Make sure they don’t overeat, though. Before you know it, they’ve gotten a bit chubby, and obesity is as unhealthy for pets as it is for their humans. So are you finding it hard to resist those big begging eyes? Do you cave in and tend to give them snacks a little too often? Read on, and we’ll tell you how to help your pet to shed those few extra pounds and regain their waistline.

Christmas dog

The dog that didn’t love Christmas

December is a time of tales: from the Nativity and traditional carols all the way to the modern Christmas movies made for tv. That’s why this Christmas, we’ll tell you the tale of Bailey, the dog that didn’t love Christmas. Could he have a change of heart? Read on to find out.

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