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Tips for an entertaining Christmas with your cat or dog

During the Christmas period, many people are spending at least a few days at home. In between the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holidays, our cats and dogs will be getting lots of extra attention! Here are some tips on how to spend quality time with your pet!

Growing older 1

How does your dog change through the years?

As your dog matures and grows older, they don’t just change physically. Their personalities can also change over the years. Your dog will grow with you, and you will get more and more in tune with each other. Let’s take a look at the life of our four-legged pets.

Kid pets

Why every kid should grow up with pets

It’s a lot of fun for kids to grow up with an animal. What are the benefits of having a family pet? And how do you ensure the situation is safe for both pet and kids?


4 Tips for healthy fur for dogs and cats

This wet weather will give anyone the occasional bad hair day, even our pets. Every breed has its own hairdo. Some people will regularly take their pet to the groomer to give them a new fancy do. Others are a bit more practical and will use a scrunchy to keep the hair out of their pups eyes. Of course our pets couldn’t care less about their looks, but fur maintenance is an important part of pet care. The condition of their coat is a key indicator of your pet’s health. That’s why we will give you some tips that will help you keep your pet’s fur in tip-top shape.

Autumn walkies

5 Tips for carefree autumn walkies with your dog

Summer is well and truly over, and the days are rapidly getting shorter. Goodbyes are always a little sad, but happily, autumn is the perfect season for taking long walks. You and your dog, roaming the forest while the red leaves are falling. Autumn is the ideal time to enjoy the great outdoors. But, you should be aware there may be some dangers hiding among the fallen leaves. With these tips, you’ll be well prepared for carefree autumn walkies.

Dogs are easier to train

Why dogs are easier to train than cats

“Cats are untrainable; they are much too wilful and independent.” You have probably heard that old chestnut before. People often presume you can’t train a cat because unlike dogs, cats are deeply unbothered about pleasing their humans. And they are much too stubborn! But is there any truth to this story? Why are cats and dogs the way they are and can you use that knowledge in their training?

Pet training

How to become a pro at pet training

Being a pet parent involves lots more than providing them with food and drink. A new kitten or puppy needs raising and training. When you take on a pup or kitty, the responsibility for that training and raising falls to you. Your cat won’t start using the cat flap on their own accord, and no puppy ever simply knows what ‘sit’ of ‘heel’ means. So, how do you go about training your brand new furry friends?

Cat at home

What does your cat do while you’re away?

When the cat’s away, the mice will play. But what does your cat do while you’re away? Are they getting into mischief or are they napping all day? You can never be sure, but let’s explore some possible scenario’s.


Why does my dog need to smell everything during our walks?

Taking your dog for a walk is seldom a straightforward, quick walk around the block. No pole, bush or street corner will go unsniffed. What is so fascinating about that particular pole? What are all these other smells they are picking up on during your walks?

Cat love

Not just staff: how you can tell your cat loves you

People often say cats don’t have owners, but employees. These quirky creatures have a mind of their own, and it is they who decide whether they would like a cuddle – or most definitely not. To non-cat people, it might seem like cats don’t think much of us humans, but cat lovers know better. Cats show you they love you in their own offbeat ways. So, how do you know your cat loves you and misses you when you’re gone?

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