We adore our pets: our hairy, faithful four-legged friends mean everything to us! But have you ever asked yourself how we come over to non pet owners? Clothes covered in hair, an interior adapted to withstand the ravages of cats or dogs, cardboard boxes all over the place and the weirdest nicknames for our animals? We accept an awful lot from our faithful 4-footers! Are you a true cat or dog owner? Then you'll surely recognise yourself here! 😉

1. Hair! Hair! Hair everywhere!

Ever arrive at work, only to find that your jacket or shirt is covered in cat hair? Or does the boot of your car look like it's got a fur coat from all the hair your dog leaves behind? Our cats and dogs shed quite a lot, especially in the moulting seasons. Clothes rollers, special vacuum cleaners and 20 cleaning sessions per week don't always help much. Oh well, it's also like always having a bit of your pet with you, don't you think?

2. You're always having entire conversations with your pet

Are you the kind of owner that talks a lot with your cat or dog, and your pet listens too? Don't worry, we do that every day! Because naturally it's really nice chatting with your pet. Often your cat or dog is a much better listener than your partner 😉. Chatting with your pet is a great way to build your mutual connection and get them used to your voice. That way you involve them with every facet of your life: so you'll become even more inseparable!

3. You always think twice before putting new things down somewhere

If there's one thing that cats love, it's nudging all your breakable things off the table, then looking at you as if nothing is wrong. And what about those delicious appetisers on the coffee table? Turn your head for a moment and your dog has hoovered up the entire tapas platter. Or they sweep everything off the table with their enthusiastic tail wagging! Be careful where you put things from now on.

4. Your cat would rather have a cardboard box than an expensive basket

Sometimes you'd like to pamper your cat with a beautiful luxurious basket. After days of waiting, it finally arrives. Your cat of course immediately settles into the cardboard box and doesn't give the basket a second look. As cat owner, you have long resigned yourself to the fact that your cat determines where it sleeps, not you. Whether that's your laptop keyboard, the cardboard box, or the bottom step of the stairs as you descend carrying a full washing basket.

Huisdierbaasjes herkennen 02

5. Life regularly revolves around poo

Odd that your cat poops in a box indoors? Weird to pick up your dog's turds and dispose of them? We'll do anything for our pets, but non-pet owners wouldn't even think about having to touch poo! We don't turn up our noses at the droppings of our four-legged friends.

6. You think of loving but odd nicknames for your pet

The perfect name for your pet is always a quite a job that you like to spend much thought on. Then when you finally hang up their name board, it's not long before the name is swapped for 1 of the 20 nicknames you've thought up for your cat or dog. And of course all just as loving, such as Tubby, Fatso, Stinky, WHATAREYOU EATINGNOW?

7. You think it normal to be confronted with a cat bum or dog tongue in your face

As a cat owner, it's not strange that you're regularly admiring the rear end of your cat. Non-cat owners mustn't think of it, but you don't even blink. You know that your cat is showing their love for you! The same goes for a nice wet dog tongue: only your dog may lick your face, because who doesn't want a doggy kiss?

8. All your problems melt away when your dog tilts their head

Had a bad day at work, or your dog has done something incredible naughty? No worries, because when they tilt their head and gaze at you with appealing eyes, you heart instantly melts and all your problems are forgotten. Previously, it was thought that dogs did this because they didn't understand what you meant, but now it turns out to be a sign of compassion and sincere interest. So that sweet little head not only tilts if they don't understand something, but also if they understand something only too well 😉. Biscuit, anyone?

Huisdierbaasjes herkennen 03

9. Your pet eats better than you do

Vitamin-enriched kibble, delicious natural snacks and chic meat or fish meals: there's a good chance your pet is served a responsible 5-star menu each day. Now admit it: you'll do anything for your beloved four-legged friend, even a 5-star diet?

10. So your dog drools a lot, but that's OK

Non-dog owners hate it when those long saliva threads fly across the room when your dog shakes their head, but it doesn't bother you at all. After all, we humans always have our moths watering if we see something yummy too? And given that your dog always has an appetite for their chic diet, it's hardly surprising if they sometimes let a little drool flow 😉.

11. You never know when you may stroke your cat

Cats are known for having a mind of their own. The one moment they're cuddling up to you and the next they're hanging by their claws from your arm. You've resigned yourself to the fact that your cat can sometimes be a bit crazy and decide for themselves how and when they wish to be cuddled. The chance is great that such moments will always be when you're occupied with something else, like working on your laptop or reading the paper 😉.

12. You never have to set the alarm clock

Alarm clocks are a thing of the past with a pet around. These hairy alarm clocks always stand ready before your bedroom door at the same time. Weekend or no weekend, mealtimes are always at the same time: just so you know that, pet owner!

In how many of these points did you recognise yourself? We pet owners are truly a mad lot, but we are proud of that! That's because our four-legged friends mean everything to us.