In hectic times, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. Happily, our pets can lend us a helping hand. A cuddle with your cat, a long walk with your dog in the fresh air, getting out of bed to feed your pet: without us realising it, our pets help us every day with a little self-care. And we can learn much more from them on this subject! So this month, what self-care tips do our pets have for us?

If you want something, just ask!

Do you sometimes find it hard to ask for help if something's not working out? You cat or dog has no problem with that. Whether they want food or attention, with a loud meow or pleading look they always manage to get their way. Now of course you don't have to meow, but asking for help now and again is much better than being stuck with a problem😉.

Be good for those who care for you

The bond between a pet and their owner is as strong as a rock. After all, we care for these animals in our home: we feed them, let them in and out, play and cuddle them often. The more care you give your pet, the stronger the bond between you. This is why our cats and dogs are always so pleased to see us when we return home after a long day's work.

Find a great spot to relax now and again.

Cats and dogs are great at finding relax-spots. Cushions, baskets, or on the sofa: your pet always finds the best spot to take a nice nap. Make such a relax-spot for yourself as well, where you can curl up with a cup of coffee and wind down. After a cat-nap, you're ready to take on the world again.

Self Care Tips 02

Enjoy the nature around you

In a hectic life, it's sometimes difficult to enjoy the small things. But cats are dogs are very good at that. Having a good sniff at every clump of grass, or staring out the window at the many garden visitors. Sit next to your cat and stare out the window with them, or let your dog sniff at all the shrubs while you listen to the birdsong. Enjoy the little things!

Having a good stretch

Got a stiff back after a long day of home-working, or having an energy dip? Learn from your cat and plan in a short yoga session! Cats always find time to have a good stretch, whether that's after a long nap, or part of the manicure on the scratching post. Shake the muscles nice and loose and you are ready to get going again!

Enjoy a yummy snack now and again

We know that snacks are not always healthy or responsible, but your cat or dog won't refuse a yummy snack so fast! Luckily we have delicious, responsible and healthy snacks for them for a moment of enjoyment. Now the pet parent has to find something nice to pamper themselves with too😉

Time for a massage!

A massage is actually THE self-care routine for getting to feel totally wonderful again. So great getting those muscles to relax: you feel a lot better instantly! Want to let your pet enjoy as well? There are plenty of tips online for giving your cat or dog a massage too! That way your pet can completely relax and all that cuddling is good for your happy feeling as well! Stroking and cuddling your pet namely reduces stress. So it's a win-win situation!

Self Care Tips 03

Plan an outing with friends

OK, cats are perhaps not so social, but for dogs, nothing beats running around a dog park together with other dogs. And of course you get to feel very happy to see your dog so pleased and playfully frolicking about with their mates. Do you know any other dog owners? Then arrange to all meet together in a dog park. That way both you humans and dogs can have a nice chat.

Live in the moment

Cats and dogs don't care about what happened yesterday, and whatever might happen tomorrow can be worried about later. If you can't see the forest for the work-trees, or you have too much on your mind, take your pet as an example and focus entirely on the here and now. Perfect when you do that together (tip: stroking your pet is very relaxing).

Disconnect from the digital world

Does your cat walk over your keyboard, or even lie down on it? Then they are trying to say that you should unplug from the digital world every now and again ... presumably😉. The information that's supplied via all those screens can sometimes create a real overload. Put all your devices to one side and use that time to enjoy playing with your pet, or learning something new!


We have so much still to learn from our pets. From cuddling and lazing about to nice food: your cat or dog certainly knows what enjoyment is! So take some time for yourself now and again to imitate your pet's self-care routine 😊.