Introducing: Pets Unlimited

Your pet is so much more than a pet. They're a companion, a part of the family. Your pet is your best friend. You want them to have the best of everything. We at Pets Unlimited feel the exact same way, which is why we offer premium quality products for your cat or dog.

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It all starts with good, natural ingredients

Pets Unlimited is tasty and sensible. Our products are 100% natural as much as possible. Natural products are much better for animals, and using natural goods can prevent a slew of potential health problems. We prefer not to use ingredients like sugar, salt or any artificial colouring, flavouring and aromatic additives.

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Constantly gaining knowledge

Pets Unlimited was born out of an international need for more high quality and natural pet treats. In 1998, Dutch pet food company Best for your Friend was launched to cater to retailers. Pets Unlimited was launched as a sister company to further serve the European market. Pets Unlimited is a part of Nedac Pet Care, which has been looking after the needs and wants of our pets for over 30 years. We are experienced pet care specialists who offer premium pet products that are high quality, honest and trustworthy.

We learn the best from our customers. Your knowledge as a pet-owner combined with our experience means we are able to constantly improve our offering.

Supreme snacks, only the best!

We prioritize quality. We hold certain qualitative norms for our products and our partners must meet them as well. This is how we are able to offer good, sensible products responsibly. Before launching said product, all items are tested in house by our beloved canine colleague, Bailey.

We are proud of the fact that our company is able to offer premium quality products, such as our snacks for cats and dogs. Supreme and nutritious treats are now available in your regular supermarket, and that is a luxury in itself!

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Community support

We feel that all animals have a right to a good and happy life. A lot of orphaned or abandoned animals are eventually brought into small and local organizations such as shelters or kennels. We and our sister brand Best for Your Friend support such animal care organisations in Europe.